Business and Intangible Asset Valuation

The prevailing accounting and financial statement presentation standards require valuation of intangible assets on a regular basis.  Value Management and Options Corporation (ValueMan) is well-positioned in the industry to perform these services given its solid experience, proven high standards of service delivery and the wealth of its database.

ValueMan's principal is the first and the only Filipino today who is an International Certified Valuation Specialist (ICVS), a professional certification issued by the International Association of Certified Valuation Specialists (IACVS) headquartered in USA and Canada with charters in China, Middle East, Africa and Southeast Asia for professionals practicing in the field of business and intangible assets valuation.  The ICVS Credential is the highest standard for professional performance in valuation of intangible assets such as businesses, patents, formulae and natural resources, among others.

ValueMan, through its principal, has over 20 years of experience in intangible asset valuation across many asset types, accumulating a track record of over USD40 billion in intangible assets valued locally and overseas.  These asset types include:

  • Music catalog, synchronization and mechanical rights
  • Indefeasible rights of use for undersea cable systems of telecommunications consortiums
  • Mining rights and patents for gold, copper, nickel, coal and other mining interests
  • Water rights of power companies
  • Franchises of restaurants, coffee shops and schools
  • Congressional franchises of utilities, broadcast media and airlines
  • Film libraries and trademarks for film production companies and television networks
  • Brand names of firearms manufacturers, restaurants and film production companies
  • Enterprise and business value of real estate joint ventures and specific projects
  • Design patents of furniture companies
  • Shares of stock for service firms, marketing firms, steel manufacturers and oil mills, among others

Corporate Finance and General Corporate Management Advisory

ValueMan has broad experience in providing financial and management advisory services along the areas of Corporate Finance, Corporate Management, Private Equity, Debt Placements and Management Accounting.

ValueMan guides clients throughout their growth process. ValueMan assists in identifying investment opportunities and in evaluating the size, timing and risk of future cash flows involved in any investment opportunity.  After having identified the investment opportunity, ValueMan also assists in identifying the appropriate capital structure or financing mix required to support clients' investments.  The financing mix will affect both the risk and value of the client firms.  ValueMan then goes further into obtaining and managing clients' long-term financing needs through various funding sources that include joint ventures, mergers, acquisitions, private equity, debt placements and public offering of securities in the capital and/or debt market.

Finally, because ValueMan nurtures long-lasting relationships with clients, ValueMan assists further in clients' working capital management by providing appropriate management solutions to address their particular needs.

ValueMan believes in growing with its clients and promoting hands-on contact with them.  This principle and commitment to personal and customized service make clients' corporate success absolutely realizable and implementable.  This practice is what differentiates ValueMan from other professional service groups in this market.